Friday, October 26, 2012

US Navy Airpower   
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Navy Airpower 
Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic
Based out of NAS Oceania  
The F14 Tomcat
Has a crew of two, Pilot and RIO.
Pair of F-14's in a high speed pass.
F14 taxis in
F14's break 


F14 Head on high speed pass .                                                                                          F14 on main taxi way
F14 from the "Grim Reapers" Squadron  
F14 Low speed pass hook down.
Nose on view of the F14. Wings closed it's about 33 ft wide
F-14 on final   
     Tomcat full afterburners


The F14 is receiving an avionics upgrade to extend it life with the US Navy for a few more years. The F18-F model will eventually replace the F14.

FA-18 Hornet
The F-18 has a crew of one. Originally developed by McDonnell Douglas the F18 was developed for the US Navy.  Flown by the US Navy and the US Marine Corps it severs the Untied States as a carrier based multi role aircraft. It's capable of carrying up to 15,500 lbs (7,031 kg) of bombs, rockets and missiles in various configurations. It's also armed with a 20 mm cannon. 
Two pairs of F18's break during a demonstation.


Here an F18 and F14 Make a pass. The F18 is almost 50% smaller than the F14.
The Hornets "V" tail makes it easy to identify.
This US Marine New Jersey squadron F-18 makes a gear down hook down pass.
Marine F-18 coming in to land.
US Marine F-18 braking after touchdown.

Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic
Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic gives an awesome display of Navy capability

P-3 Orion
Developed by Lockheed Martin as a maritime patrol aircraft.  This land based aircraft has been flown for many years. 
The P-3 is capable of carrying up to 20,000 lb (9,071 kg) of ordnance.
It has an internal bomb bay and can carry AIM-9 Sidewinders, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, depth charges, torpedoes or mines.  

S3 Viking
The Viking is carrier based and servers many rolls. It can be used for electronic warfare, aerial refueling, and is capable of carrying Harpoon anti-ship missiles. To save valuable deck space it's wings fold up just past the hard points. It's crew normally consists of 2 pilots and 2 system operators.

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